Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I learnt today that there are certain problems that must be managed and others that can be solved. My problem is that I often try to solve the ones that can only be managed and work on managing the ones that can actually be solved.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reasons Unknown

Reason not with reason alone
Our heart too has reasons unknown
The Oracle of Delphi may soon reveal
That cultured homily and human appeal
Are nothing more than Pythia's zeal

The mind surpasses too soon
As the sun eclipses the moon
Frail appellation seeks anew
In pride its wanton pledge renew
Only to wallow in disgrace
The deep seas and infinite space
Infantile, inept to appraise

The mask of reason seems so bright
Alive with pretentious delight
To exhaust the whole in single vein
The throne of reason proudly reign
Amuse and lure to isolate
All of man utterly negate
The remedy not in mind but heart
Where truth and reason come apart
The prodigal nature does return
When pride and profit finally burn
Man and religion in reason alone
Satisfy neither mind nor soul
For my heart still has reasons unknown

-Finney Premkumar (2009)